Tuesday, October 28, 2008

trying to find a list of government offices....

what a project.... just finding the freaking list !! i KNOW that there is one out there, but i just can't find it. maybe my brain just isn't working properly right now *shrug*.

i did a lot today on the site. but still not enough. i don't want to get into the *misc.* file that i have because it's just too scattered for words. i'll have to tackle that file when i have a very clear mind and will be able to set up all the information correctly.

i'm counting down the hours to the moment when i go back inside Holmes Place and get myself back on track with my weight-loss. i have to get this done. i can't stay at this weight forever. i know i can do it. and this time i'm going to do it !!! :-)

i need to go rest for awhile and clear my mind. i need to take a bit of time off the computer and figure out what to do with all that *misc.* crap that is waiting for me *shrug, again*. it'll make me crazy until i actually get it done. oh well... yet another challenge.

OH, and then there's the 120+ free ads to place on the site !! YIKES. i have no idea how i'm going to finish that. it's very daunting. i'll have to alphebetize it all too... yuck. if not, people won't be able to figure things out easily and they'll be turned off from the whole idea.

time to go rest my grey matter.

peace out everyone !!

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