Sunday, October 5, 2008

things are going good :-)

i've been moving along with the site at a very good pace. i'm finding the flow of the site to be easier now that i have some large chuncks done. there is still A LOT to do, especially in the translations, but i'll get it done, one step at a time.

we've been busy with our insane month of holidays. last week was Rosh HaShana. we had a grand time !! Rico and Racheli cooked, Nina and Tamar cleaned up, Oren came and gave me a wad of money.... everything was perfect :-) after dinner we sat around the table and just goofed around for a couple of hours. Nina was a clown. she gets into the silliest moods sometimes and this was one of the best !

Tamar drank THREE glasses of wine, when no one was looking, and by the end of the evening (after mid-night sometime) she was quite wasted. she really has a taste for wine and i'm praying that it will never get out of hand. it's the first time she's done something like that right under our noses. i'm pretty sure it's the first time she's ever done it, because she's always with Nina when she goes out and Nina would have ratted her out by now.

this week is Yom Kippur... i think on Wednesday. don't ask me because all of these holidays just keep on coming, one after the other. then *next* week is the 7-day holiday of Succot. by the time we finish with all the holidays we're all ready to kill each other. it's not like summer vacation because things are closed and there's not much for Nina and Tamar to do, but hang out with their friends late into the night.

about Nina and Tamar.... they are both now working !!! YAY !! Nina finally got the job of everyone's dreams at Domino Pizza, at the shopping center about 3 minutes from home. it's a fantasy job for any kid in Modiin. if you're a good worker you can work there for many years... even all the way through the army. Sunny worked there for about 2 years and loved it. she was the first girl allowed to work in the kitchen, and the last girl to work in the kitchen. they never found anyone as good as her. but Nina has the same potential that Sunny had, and she really wants to be in the kitchen one day.

Tamar is very busy working on the mayoral candidate campaign for our guy, Yigal Tzadok. we are all involved in his campaign. if God is good to us, he'll win. he has a cracking team and is really making himself visible. it's a bit of a pain in the ass with all these holidays kind of getting in the way, but he's managing to get the field workers (all teenagers) out in the heat and giving out flyers and ballons and whatever else.

Rico is busy working with Oren. Oren pays him well so Rico is a happy camper. he still doesn't know what he wants to do with himself, but for now he's happy working with Oren and keeping busy making good money.

Racheli is another matter altogether. she's bouncing around from friends to friends to family and back home in Tel Aviv. she finds herself bored a lot of the time, which is strange because there are so many people that she visits with all the time !! i think it's just a matter of getting used to being back here, without the pressing thoughts of having to go back to LA. she has no idea what she wants to do here, but she'll start thinking about it after the holidays.

i'm going back to the gym after the holidays (geez, i wish they'd finish already !!) and i'm going to really enjoy being back in the free-weights room and the pool. i can't wait !!! my lower back really needs me working on the weights and in the pool. i can't stand up for more than a few minutes without feeling a lot of pain.

i've been cooking a bit lately. yeah, cooking. it's a matter of finances, nothing more. we can't afford to keep ordering food in, and the girls are too busy to do the cooking now. i have to dig into my memory bank to *find* some simple recipes that don't require me to stand too long in the kitchen.

it's STILL SOOOOOOO HOT HERE !!!! i want to die ! summer came back today and it was almost unbearable. Nina almost passed out when she came home from school. no one was ready for the heat today. i know it's just going to get worse until Yom Kippur, because God likes to have it hot on the one major fast ;-)

time to go rest now. i've been on the computer too long today.

ta ta !

(check out the pictures of Sunny below)

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