Tuesday, October 7, 2008

solved the *search* problem

i solved the *search* issue on the website :-) i had been using Google, but they all of a sudden started charging for the service.

then i combed the web and found a wonderful site that provides me with a search engine on the site !!! yay !!!

all i need to do now is change all the pages to get rid of Google and insert the new code. way too many pages to do it in one day.

i didn't go to my treatment yesterday and now i'm wondering if i didn't make a horrible mistake. i forgot that next week is full of Succot and that the oncology clinic will most likely be closed.

well... maximum, if something happens, i can always go to the emergency room. not something that i want to do, but it's there if i need it.

time to go chill out, in front of the tv.

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Rochelle said...

Hi Adriana, My parents found your blog. I'm a single mom too, in Modiin. We haven't lived here long, and we're still lost in some ways. Anyway, I wanted to say hi and let you know that I enjoyed your blog and really admire you. Have a great Sukkot! --Rochelle