Friday, October 24, 2008

a very long week !!

on the one hand, i can't belive that it's already friday again... and almost the end of the month to boot. on the other hand, this has been a super long weel !! YIKES !!

i've worked very hard on the website all week long and i've sat at the computer for days and days. no wonder i'm so tired today. i slept 12 hours last night, and even with that great sleep, it took me a few hours to completely *wake up*.

thank God that Nina and Tamar took off to Tel Aviv. i would not have been able to handle them here over the weekend. Tamar has been a real pain in the ass lately, all the time claiming that she's bored. well, i guess that since the work on the campaign has been cut back, she really is bored. but still.... she should be looking for a job now, or finding ways to stay out of my face.

Racheli, Oren and a friend of theirs came over yesterday for a bit. they had been in Jerusalem on an errand that Oren had to make. it was very nice to meet their friend, Mitka. she's a very interesting, 30-something beauty, married to a good friend of Oren, whom i don't know. evidently she had heard a lot about me and was really gracious and kind. a very out-going, positive person that i would really like to get to know one day.

Oren was very kind and slipped me some money, since i'm completely broke. i haven't been this broke in such a long time that i was really stressed out these past few days. but God being God, everything turned out well in the end :-)

Jeri and Reggie have been keeping me on my toes on Facebook. they are such a riot !! Reggie is an old friend of Jeri, who lives in Australia and he's online 24/7. he's sooooo funny. Jeri keeps sending me the best *gifts*. what a blast.

Tomi, the puppy, is on the brink of getting his ass kicked out of this home. he's making me completely crazy and i don't have the energy to train him. next week, God willing, we'll finally take him to get his shots, so Nina can take him out more often.

i'm now going back to the sofa and keep watching tv and resting. i have to do this so i have the energies i need for the coming week. there is a specific why God created a day of rest ;-)

peace out everyone !!

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