Saturday, October 25, 2008

got lots done today :-)

i got up at 6am and now it's 5pm, time to get off the computer. i got so much done and i'm very proud of myself.

my eye tells me when to stop. when i start to see a fuzzy screen, it's time.

i got the *decorating 101* section done, to an extent. there's enough content in there right now to just leave it as it is and pick it back up after i get the rest of the site *done*.

i found a wonderful website that created a drop-dowm menu for me. boy is that handy. no need to work so hard on all the hand-coding. i also found a cool calendar, but it looks like it'll take a lot of time and energy to figure it all out. that'll be done another day, when i'm fresh and full of energy.

i'll be working real hard on the site tomorrow, and on monday i have a treatment in Jerusalem :-( i HATE going there. i don't mind the treatments, just the pain in the ass travelling.

time to go rest now.

peace out everyone !!

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