Saturday, October 11, 2008

i'm never going to finish !!

YIKES !! i feel like i'm never going to finish the site !! well, *finish* is not the right word. i should say *get it prepared enough* that's the way i feel right now.

but i'm plugging along, everyday, about 8 hours a day. i get tired and once i get off the computer i can't come back. if i try to come back after i rest a bit, my one good eye gets blurry and i can't see well. it's just from being tired (please don't freak out anyone !!)

Racheli is here now, watching cable tv, which neither Oren or Rico have in Tel Aviv. she said they also don't have an internet connection right now, which is really strange. i guess Rico couldn't work out all the kinks in Oren's computer, so that might be the reason why there isn't internet on his computer. i'm just wondering why Rico and Racheli can't pick up anyone's wireless connection in the neighborhood. usually they have it in Rico's apartment, but Racheli says that it's been gone for about 2 weeks now. that must be brutal for Rico... the internet junkie :-)

Nina and Tamar have been really busy working on the campaign for Yigal for Mayor. they'll be really busy with that job all week, since they're off from school due to the Succot holiday.

i'm now going to be with Racheli for awhile and we'll giggle a lot together !!!

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