Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm no Neurologist.....

but even i can see how much the MS has progressed in that last few years !! YIKES !!

i started out, almost 6 years ago, with only 4 super tiny lesions on my brain. now i have 80+ that *i* can see. God only knows how many my neuro will be able to see, and how many there actually are there, visual and hidden.

know i know why 2008 was such a difficult MS year. those bouts that i kept having were not for nothing. lots of strange things were happening on the nerves inside my brain. the myelin sheath covering the nerves in my brain were being attacked day after day, for weeks on end... when i had the MS Fatigue and the MS Vertigo. and who knows if the constant pain in my lower back doesn't have something to do with MS too. i really should have a Spinal MRI... i'm positive that there are lesions there too.

ON A VERY, VERY GOOD NOTE : Provigil has been included in the Department of Health's *Medicine Basket* and now, instead of costing me $110, it's only $18.00 YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY !! now i can take a whole pill everyday, instead of the half-dose that i was financially restricted to. i just know that it's going to make my life even better... if that's possible :-)

God is Good !!!

peace out everyone :-)

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Merely Me said...

Hello to your blog...came over from Linda's (brain cheese). I haven't used Provigil yet. Do you like it? Does it work?

I will have to add your link to my blog roll. I was diagnosed back in 2007...I am still adjusting.

Nice to meet you.