Sunday, January 25, 2009


i took a chance and called our new landlord right after Shabbat went out.

we had a very nice conversation and he said that we have the apartment !!! :-))

he will be mailing me the lease contract this week, and sometime during february they will be coming up to the central area of the country, and we can then sign the lease.

i cannot tell anyone in concrete words how incredibly happy and Blessed i feel right now. i am at peace and so excited about the whole new adventure.

it's going to be super tough for us, but it'll be done. i already have a stream of new clients that want to advertise on, so i know that we'll be able to make ends meet.

Nina and Tamar are so excited too. Rico came over last night and he couldn't shut me up. i kept telling him about every detail of the new place, and at one point he said *um... i think i'll see everything for myself when i help you move in*.... hint, hint.

now i'm working my ass off on the website, getting it ready to launch on the 1st.

what fun. so many Blessings.

God is SO Good !!! :-)

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