Saturday, January 24, 2009

we have found THE PERFECT apartment !!!

that's it.... we've found the apartment of our dreams :-)

it's my friend's almost-old apartment, right up the street from where we are now. it has 3 bedrooms, 2 balconies, a large livingroom, a good size kitchen, a nice service-room for the washer and dryer, and a GARAGE/STORAGE area !!!

it's double the rent that we pay now, but then it's also double the space. Nina and Tamar will each have their own room, like now, and i'll also have a WORK ROOM !!!!! YAY !!! i'll be able to put my computer and sewing station in there, along with a nice closet to keep all my handicrafts organized, and of course, a small tv to keep me company during my working hours.

the livingroom is large enough to be able to finally have a table and chairs, something that we just could never fit in here in this smaller place. the kitchen itself is a bit larger than the one we have now, and set up much better :-) the laundryroom is right off the kitchen, instead off of one of the bathrooms, like it is here.

there is CENTAL AIRCONDITIONING !!!! we won't melt away anymore in the summers. it's going to be so wonderful with the a/c.

and the balconies are wonderful. one is off the livingroom, which has nice big sliding glass doors. the other one is off Nina's bedroom, small, but large enough for a little table and some chairs.

Nina's bedroom has an en-suite with a shower, toilet and sink. the other bathroom is large, with a huge bathtub and shower and a very nice built-in cabinet under the sink.

the building has 10 units, and has an elevator right next to the apartment. there are only 4 steps leading in from the portico to the lobby of the building and then straight into the elevator. for me it's pure heaven.

and the one other incredible part of the whole thing is the GARAGE !! it has an automatic electric door and is the size of about 1/2 of the apartment. there are lots of sheleves up already, which will be really handy for us. but the best thing is that it's on the street level, accessable from the street, and Nina and Tamar can turn it into a place to call their very own.... a complete hang out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are SO HAPPY. words don't even begin to describe how happy we are. all we need now is for the landlord to agree, which doesn't seem to be a problem. i already spoke with the wife and she said *okay* right away. but she did say that she will have to speak with her husband and let us know at the beginning of the week.

since things don't happen without a very good reason, the 3 of feel that God is leading us to this apartment. it's just that way. no doubt about it. we'll have to stretch ourwelves to be able to pay the rent, but with my work on ourmodiin and the handicrafts, Nina and Tamar's contributions, we'll make it, and we'll make it just fine. God has always been very good to us, so we have no doubt whatsoever.

and the very, very best things about the apartment is that it's still very centrally located, even closer to the Modiin Center, where Nina works and where we do most of our *business*, like the supermarket, the bank, etc. and we are still only up the street from the larger new mall :-)

i CAN'T WAIT to talk to the landlords tomorrow.

God is Good :-))))

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