Thursday, January 22, 2009

week 5, day 5 -- thursday, jan 22nd

food for the day:

meal #1 -- 1 cup steel-cut oalmeal with 1/2 cup skim mink, dab of butter, pinch of ground cinnamon (yummers), 6oz cottage cheese, 5 prunes

meal #2 -- smoothie

meal #3 -- 1 large bowl of whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce.

meal #4 -- smoothie

walk(s) for the day:

** 1st walk, will be done by going up to the closes shopping center, doing one lap around the park behind it and then coming back home. -- done, in the most wonderful weather ever !!

** no 2nd walk today.

activites for the day:

** work on my website in the morning/mid-afternoon -- done
** 45 minutes of physical therapy exercises -- done
** knit as much as possible in the afternoon/evening

onward and upward !! :-)

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