Friday, January 30, 2009

week 6, day 6 -- friday, january 39th

a FANTASTIC DAY... especially once i got Nina and Tamar out the door, on their way to Tel Aviv for the weekend :-)))


food for the day:

meal #1 -- coffee and toast. i'm really full from yesterday. blah... i feel like shit :-(

meal #2 -- smoothie

meal #3 -- lentil soup

meal #4 -- smoothie

walk(s) for the day:

** nothing planned for today. too much work to do on the website.

activites for the day:

** lots of work on my website part of the day !!! -- yeah right.... the yarn kept calling me away from the computer :-(
** knit/crochet in the late evening, when i'm off the computer -- done! and tons of it :-))
** 45 minutes of physical therapy -- done. i'm not sure if it's getting easier, or if i'm slacking off a bit when i do it.

onward and upward !! :-)

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