Saturday, January 31, 2009

Merely Me !!!

thanks for the message :-) it's very nice to meet you too.

i'm very rarely on the PLM board, so i hope ypu see this here.

i most definitely take Provigil !! it's become my Miracle Med :-)

i first took it about 5 years ago, at the beginning of my MS. it was SUPER expensive, and i didn't really need it after awhile. i took it for about 3 months at the beginning.

my main nemisis with MS has been Optic Neuritis. i eventually lost all sight in my left eye. i also became Steroid Depentant, because of all the mega-doses of steroids i had to take for about 2.5 years. the ON kept coming back everytime i'd go down to about 20mg of Prednisone. what a pain in the ass that was!!

i was on Copaxone for about 2.5 years too. i stopped taking it because i'm stupid!

i was doing very well until about May of 2008, when i started to get all kinds of Relapses. first it was Vertigo, then it was Fatigue, then again Vertigo and again Fatigue, etc.

i got back on Provigil, but at the time it was super expensive (still). somehow i managed to scrape up enough money to get it for October, November & December, 2008. i would take only 1/2 pill, or 50mg... because i couldn't afford more than that.

but now, our government has included it in the *Medicine Basket* of medications that are highly subsidized by the government. instead of paying $110 per month, i now pay about $18 !!! :-)

i'm now taking 100mg every morning and loving it. it really works for me. i'm not in a Relapse or anything, but i know that Provigil is making my life a whole lot more *clear*.... i can focus better, i don't tire so easily and in general, i feel a whole lot better.

the whole MS story is a hard one to adjust to. i would suggest to you that you just take it one day at a time, and not let the whole big picture overwhelm you... because if you think about the *Whole Thing*, you'll just go crazy.

please e-mail me if you want, at , or just leave me a message here on the blog. like i said, i'm very rarely at PLM anymore... i'm just too busy doing so many fun things :-)

i wish you all the best, and a wonderful day!!!


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