Thursday, January 29, 2009

week 6, day 5 -- thursday, jan 29th

a GREAT DAY, on all levels !!!


food for the day:

meal #1 -- brunch somewhere, after going to the clinic.

meal #2 -- smoothie

meal #3 -- 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, with whole wheat bread and cheddar cheese, small garden salad.

meal #4 -- smoothie

walk(s) for the day:

** i'll be doing alot of walking in the morning when i'm doing my errands. also at night, when i go get my MRI in Jerusalem -- i did TONS of walking at the hospital !!!

activites for the day:

** lots of work on my website part of the day !!! -- done
** knit/crochet in the late evening, when i'm off the computer
-- done
** go do all my errands in the morning
-- done
** buy my new-used sewing machine
-- done
** buy all the yarn needed to complete Nina's afghan --
-- done, but not for Nina's. i bought all the yarn for Sunny's afghan.

this is going to be a very fun day !!!

onward and upward !! :-)

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