Thursday, November 6, 2008

and here i was thinking that *yesterday* was a splendid day....


she completely surprised most of us. Oren and Rico knew about her plans, but they didn't know that the other one knew (got that?). Racheli was left out of the loop and only found out when Oren took a detour on the way to Modiin, going to the airport instead of straight to Modiin.

i was sitting at the computer, just minding my own business, when Rico, Racheli and Oren came in the house, all saying *hi*. i was busy with whatever i was doing and just said *hi* back. then Rico said *let me give you a kiss and a hug*, so i got up and i saw SUNNY !!!

at first i thought she was an illusion. something like what i've seen on Crossing Jordan lately (Jordan has a brain tumor). and then it hit me ~~~ she's here, right in front of you !!!!

she jumped into my arms and we hugged forever. i couldn't breathe. i started to cry. my whole body was shaking. i thought i was going to have a stroke. all i could do was hold her very tight to me, thinking *she's here now and i'm going to hug her to death*. i kept asking her if she was alright ? if everything is okay ? if she's not here because she's sick or something horrible ? she kept reassuring me that everything is just fine. i thought i would have to take a Valium, or 3.

then about 1/2 hour later Nina and Tamar came home and they were in shock too. they jumped on her and they had a huge group hug that lasted forever. Rico and Racheli were looking on the whole time and had the biggest grins on their faces. i've never seen the 5 of them so happy :-)

why did she come home, you're asking ? with all the hard-ass tactics that are going on in London right now, with illegal workers, she was finding it very stressful to work. she kept thinking that any minute the immigration cops would come in and take her away, like they had done to her good friend last week.

also, the weather is really shitty in London now. last winter the weather was really mild and she didn't like the huge difference.

also, she didn't have enough money to go on to Italy, which is her next destination. she'll work here for 3-4 months and then head to Italy in the spring.

also, she missed us a lot and wanted to be home, with family and friends. it's been just a bit less than one year since she first flew off to Europe. it was time for her to be with the family and her good friends.

now she's going to be living with Oren (ha!) and she'll work in some restaurant in Tel Aviv. she'll probably have 10 job offers by Sunday. she's so talented and such a good worker, everyone wants her in their kitchen.

i'm just so grateful to God for all His Blessings !!

what a day :-)

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