Friday, November 14, 2008

friday is here

this has been a very long week, but for some reason it's just flown by !!! i just can't figure out how the days go by like lightening.

i love fridays when Nina and Tamar take off to Tel Aviv. i live for these fridays :-) they are even taking Tomi with them, so i won't be terrorized by him while they are gone.

today i'm planning on working on the website until i just get too restless from it. i'm planning on creating my marketing campaign... a special e-mail for businessed that i have on my *prospective clients* list.

yesterday, when i went to cash my check from Aunti Paz, i went into the real estate off of a previous website client.. when m-net was up and running. i told him (Yaron) about ourmodiin and he told me to send him all the information about the site and advertising. he's such a fantastic person: always kind, nice and cheery. the people in his office are also great. i hope he jumps on the advertising wagon... i need his business ;-)

this is it, for now... i'll be back later to update my day.

peace out everyone !! :-)

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