Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the MS seems to want to kill me !!!

*just when i'm almost out..... they pull me back in*

i HATE this auto-immune chronic illness !!! HATE HATE HATE HATE it !!! i'm tired of all the shit that has been happening to me these past few weeks. i'm fed up with having to deal with crap that my body does and that i can't control !!

i'm tired. i'm having a bad Fatigue day and i'm tired of it all !!!! gggrrrrrrrrr :-(

i'm going to get the Provigil at the end of the month. i'm going to see Talianski asap and get back on Copaxone. i'm going to DO something about all this. i can't keep living like this.

i'm not used to having one Relapse (bout) after another and i'm just not going to put up with it anymoe.

no more. no more. no more.

nuf said.

peace out everyone (even though all i want to do right now is slap someone real hard)

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