Tuesday, November 4, 2008

today was MUCH better

i had a pretty good day, although the bladder infection is still lingering around. what a @#$%^& this is !! i can't go to the gym, so as not to over-do it and get sicker again.

work on the site has been *iffy* lately. i've been mucking around the internet too much and not really getting new content onto the site. i guess i'm a bit burnt out by the content part, and i really needed a change.

i hope that tomorrow i feel at least as good as today. i have to go to the bank :-( . oh, how i HATE leaving the house. just hate it. but i've got to move money around, from one account to another, just so i don't get myself into any trouble.

i'm now going to check out what's going on at Facebook and Patients Like Me (i told you that i'm wasting too much time playing on the web).

peace out everyone !!

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