Sunday, November 9, 2008

did NOT get a check in the mail today :-(

crap !! i really thought i would arrive in time for me to be able to cash it and make it to the gym. as it is, i wasn't paying attention to time and when i looked up, it was already too late to do anything... let alone go cash a check that i didn't get.

i've been working on ourmodiin and i'm getting tired of thinking of so many new ideas at the same time. i like the ideas that i have, but i keep detouring from the task at hand !! i've got to buckle down and do the work that i set out to do, then i can keep adding extra stuff.

thank God that Tamar has been at a friend's all afternoon. God knows how much i needed a break from her. at least she got herself together for school this morning. now all i have to to is check her follow-up sheet and make sure she was in each and every single class during the day. i'm getting too old for all this crap.

time to go rest already.

peace out everyone !!

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