Saturday, November 29, 2008

week 5, day 1

a good day, but i added 1 slice of Nina's birthday cake to my 3rd meal. couldn't not have it it's a Mitzvah to have b-d cake... even after the b-d. i had forgotten that i was going out for my monthly errands. to say that i'm exhausted is an understatement. but thank God it's not MS Fatigue :-)


food plan for the day:

meal #1: 2 slices lite whole grain bread, schmeer of lite cream cheese on each one, 15 almonds, 5 dates, large cup of green tea

meal #2: smoothie

meal #3: 4oz chicken, 1 small potatoe, 1/2 cup chickpeas, garden salad

meal #4: smoothie

lots and lots of water.

fitness plan for the day:

nothing. resting, resting and even more resting. i'll just be working on the two websites and playing on the computer. i'm worn out from the last 2 days :-)

onward and upward !!!

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