Monday, November 10, 2008

ho, hum... another *same o'l, same ol' day....

i'm getting bored. really bored. just working on the website all day long, day after day, is getting to me. it'll be great getting back to the gym tomorrow.

i have to first go and vote. then i'll walk up to the bank to finally get my grubby hands on some cash. then i'll be headed to the gym for a long workout. YAY YAY YAY !!! i'm just going to take all the time in the world to do my whole workout. lots of time with the weights and as many laps i can do, without passing out. i'll take some Optalgin before i leave the house and that should keep me pain-free for at least 4 hours... plenty of time to do everything. and just in case, i'm taking some in my gym bag too.

I CAN'T WAIT !!!! i feel like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland. at least i've been eating properly. it's so easy to follow the Body for Life nutritional plan. as long as each day i have everything i need to concoct my meals, i'm right in line. feels great.

the website is progressing at a good rate. i really have to turn some time and energy to selling advertising. i desperately need the extra income. i'll be doing this in the following days. i'll take one prospective client each day as a daily project. i'll do this with about 15 businesses that i have on my list. these are businesses that advertise EVERYWHERE in the city, in all the media here in town. so i'm sure that they will jump in and give me their money. if not, there happens to be about another 500 businesses in town that i can market to.

well, it's time to get off the computer. too much these past few days. i'm burnt out with the site and really need the break tomorrow. i'm just going to do whatever i want to do all day long and try my best to not even think of the site. well, maybe i'll just take a few hours to prepare a marketing campaign for those 15 businesses i'm thinking about. we'll see how i feel after a long stint at the gym.

peace out everyone !!! :-)

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