Saturday, November 8, 2008


oh, did i sleep well yesterday afternoon and last night. i guess i really needed it after a long week of having a bladder infection, working for hours and hours on the website, and the effects of having Sunny surprise us on thursday evening.

i'm planning on working on the website as much as possible today, but Nina is already asking for computer time. i have no idea when i'm finally going to be able to get their computer fixed. no money, no 2nd computer.

i've been spending way too much time on other sites on the internet. although they are fun, and help me too, they take my attention, time and energy away from the task at hand. i have to cut back on the play-time.

it's an absolutely beautiful day today. a bit more like our *fall*. i was so excited when it started to rain last week, but that was very short-lived :-( i'm thinking that winter will just pass us by and all of sudden it'll be summer 2009 !!

okay, time to get to work.

peace out everyone !!

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