Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i've been hit by a truck !!

or something similar to that.

it's from the workout today, but still...... my entire body hurts, even my eyelashes.

i had a wonderful day. it was very productive and fun. i was able to finally get money out of the bank. and even the check arrived in the mail. when i was at the bank i saw our mail-lady and i asked her where the hell is the check. she told me *check your mailbox. i just put it there*. if i didn't adore her so much i would have slapped her ;-)

i've lost 1 kilo !!! whooooo hoooooo. i can't believe it. and that's just by eating good these past 10 days. it'll be great now that i can finally combine the fitness with the nurition.

i have got to get some anti-spacicity meds from Kaufman real soon. this is really starting to get to me. the horrible cramps in my feet and legs. way too much. i got a horrible cramp in my right leg today when i was swimming. i turned to the lifeguard for some help (because i was in the middle of the damn pool) and she didn't even respond. the lady in the next lane came rushing over to me and helped me get to a place where i could stand up and ease the cramp out.

it turned out that she was Rosita Berlin, the head of Immigrant Absorption here in moddiin. i have been thinking of her so much these past few weeks. what a small world !! she was wonderful, trying to keep me calm. i was panicky because of the pain, not because of the possibilty of drowning. it hurt SOOO MUCH !!! but she saved me, God bless her soul. i talked with her for a few minutes and we agreed to be in touch about information for the website for new immigrants. God is so incredible in the way He *works things out*.

i just about passed out after coming home from the gym. first, i made myself a really great smoothie, with extra protein. i had forgotten to have it before i went to the bank/gym and i was starving by the time i got home. so i made myself a real special smoothie, to get a lot of protein for recovery. i have to start paying attention to the whole nutritional thing and timing it properly with my workout time. it will do me no good to undermine my efforts by not being careful to eat properly before going to the gym. that includes eating enough time before going, so i don't get nauseous while working out. YIKES ! i wouldn't want to suddenly throw up in the pool !

the mosquitos are out in full force again. it's been happening every evening since the rains last week. after the rains it got hot again and billions of mosquitos hatched. the city doesn't do the spraying in the fall, only in the spring-time. what a piece of crap this is going to be until the real cooler weather sets in one day.

okay, gotta go terrorize some other site.

peace out everyone !! :-)

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