Saturday, November 1, 2008

feeling better today :-)

i would say that on a scale of 1 - 10, i'm at about 6 today. a great day, compared to the -2 i had on thursday and a 0 i had yesterday !!

i can still feel the fatigue in parts of my body. the brain fog has mostly cleared up... just a tad still hanging around. my body hurt a lot less after i took some Optalgin (ibuprofen). all in all, a much better day.

i just got very pissed off at some of the people on Shindler's List. after taking the time and energy to get involved in a topic *noisy teenagers in the middle of the night*, i was so slapped down by two very stupid people today. one is a 70+ man whos kids are in their 30's and he even has grandkids. what in the F*** does he know what it's like to have teenage kids in Modiin in the year 2008?????

the other is a 30'ish woman, mother of a 2 year old, who just really pissed me off. again, what the F*** does she know what needs to be done with teenagers in Modiin right now?

HELLO people !! i've been the mother of teenagers in Modiin for the past 10+ years. i KNOW from every single angle, what needs to be done for the teenagers of this city. i know what needs to be done, and i know how to do it.

but NO !! these two idiots know better. yeah, right. as if......... now i really don't want to be involved in the whole thing whatsoever. i no longer give a crap about the loud groups of teens roaming around the city late at night, waking people up (especially 2 year old toddlers ;-) ). i no longer give a crap about getting involved with the schools, to set up meetings with parents and talk about *the teen problem*.

as far as i'm concerned, Nina and Tamar will be in the city for only another 4 years. no biggie. they're good girls and even if their group of friends gets loud, i don't give a rat's ass. as long as they don't start drinking alcohol and using drugs, i don't give a damn what they do when they're out with their friends.

*snort*.... *isn't there someone who is willing to step up to the plate and take civic responsibility for this problem?* -- that's what that old geezer-fart said !!!!!! i rifled off a reply to him and told him that he should lead the Light Brigade, since he has so much experience as a father and grandfather.... never freaking mind that he's lived in Israel for only 1 year, at the most !!!

life in Israel is VERY different for all people, especially for teens. they get to the age when they know that the army is just around the corner. it's a state of mind that is almost impossible to explain, and i'm not going to get into it here. suffice is to say that Israeli teens are a completely different thing than American or British teens.

okay..... rant over.

upward and onward !!

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