Saturday, November 15, 2008


i must find a way to get Tomi off of me during the night !!! when he's alone with me he tortures me all night long :-( last night i must have thrown him off my feet / legs at least 20 times. this is getting old :-O

today i'll be working on the website as much as possible. i have some re-newed energies for new content, since i've thought up some new stuff. i found these cool little post-it notes in my Command Central Basket... they are the size of my forefinger. i started jotting down short notes on them and now they cover the frame of my computer screen. it's so much easier than the Word document that i had used for keeping up with things i want to include on the website.

this is it for now... i must get started on the website for the day.

peace out everyone :-)

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