Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMG !!! I'M A D D I C T E D !!!

instead of working on ourmodin, and more importantly, on Mabruk Hina, i've been playing for hours and hours on Pet Society, part of the insane world of Facebook.

it's SO MUCH fun !! i have a little dog, named Cici, after my beloved dog who passed away one year ago this month :-(((

my new Cici is so much fun. she skips rope, plays basketball, goes shopping in the neighrbood, and even visits with Floofu, my friend Leah's pet.

i have got to get a grip of the whole situation. can you imagine if i just spend the entire week just playing with Cici ?? i'll be dead in the water !!!! OH NO !!!

on well, now i know where to go when i'm feeling a bit sad or depressed ;-)

peace out everyone !!

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