Monday, November 17, 2008


how does a good morning turn around into a bad afternoon so easily ?

yikes. i don't like this. not one single bit.

i can't think properly (MS Brain Fog), i'm quite tired (MS Fatigue) and i just want to yell (over-all frustration !!!)

i'm discombobulated right now and i need to rest. actually, i need a break from all these odds-and-ends that have been happening to my body in the past few weeks. maybe i'm having a major flare-up and i don't even know it.

should i go to my neurologist ? just thought of that. maybe i should. hhhmmm... not that i'm dying to go to any doctor, but maybe she'll be able to help me. who know.

off to rest for awhile.

peace out everyone !!

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