Saturday, May 17, 2008

and today i'm tired

wouldn't you know it? today i'm ready to pass out and it's only 12:30am ! i am so incredibly upside-down it's really not funny.

i worked a bit today, nothing serious. got rid of some pesky leads that have been sitting in my leads preview list for some time now. i have to have this type of dead time to be able to concentrate on those hard ones. i'm glad i did it though... another 6 preview sent out today, making it a total of 306 for now. that's pretty good for the first half of the month. i'm bound and determined to make the 600 mark by may 31st.

i am going to Holmes Place on sunday and swim ! i'm so excited about it. i might even have the time to go ahead and do a full exercise program for the day. it all depends on when i actually get up and get over there. i have to remember to glue the sole of my walking shoe tomorrow or else i'll be stuck for yet another day.

we've started a weight-loss challenge here in modiin. a wonderful woman, Jackie, started the whole thing and she built the most incredible website in just minutes. what a wiz she is. now i have the CD forums and *Lose Some, Win Sum*, along with this blog, to keep me out of trouble.

i just got done watching Babel. interesting movie. a bit hard to follow at times since i had to read so much of the hebrew translation when the japanese and arabic was spoken. but i was able to follow it pretty well and found it a very moving movie. well, anything with Brad Pitt is moving in one way or another, no? i can't believe how far he's come since that hotel sceen in Thelma & Louise, flashing his 6-pack. in Babel he actually had gray in his hair and beard. so incredibly sexy, he is.

now i'm off to watch Out of Africa, with the pre-Brad Pitt of the silver screen, Robert Redford. oh man, i had forgotten what a fabulous hunk of man he was, and still is too.

i'm also going to keep resting through tomorrow evening, when Shabbat ends. i hope to have enough energy tomorrow evening to prepare follow-up emails since sunday will be taken up by Holmes Place.

onward and upward !!

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