Tuesday, May 13, 2008

finally feeling better

i took a bit of time away from the computer. time to watch "Cashmere Mafia". what a great show. about four very powerful women. well, not Oprah or Martha Stewart powerful, but still powerful in their careers.

it's really interesting seeing how they all manage a very demanding job, of their own choosing, and try to also have some kind of normal life with either husband and kids, or a new love interest.

that made me think: in matters of career and other parts of one's life, what wins out in the end?

when i found out i was pregnant with our forth child, Nina, i decided to quit work and dedicate myself to being a full-time mother. a decision that i bless God for on a daily basis ! i just don't understand how a woman can actually have a demanding job, work so many hours, and still expect some kind of "normalcy" at home with husband and kids. believe me, i tried it, and it just didn't work. home always suffered when i worked hard, even though the work was great and i was a power-player of sorts.

now that i am working again, for the first time in 16 years, i see that the girls are a bit on the back-burner. even though i am working from home i don't have the opportunity to "connect" with them as much as i did in the past. do i like this situation? yes, very much. why? because they are old enough so i can allow myself to stand back a bit more and have complete faith that they will be okay. besides, i'm right here, in the middle of the livingroom.

food for thought: is this "disconnection" good for all three of us?

onward and upward !!

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