Friday, May 23, 2008

a weekend alone :-)

ahhhhhhhhhh -- an entire 30 hours of solitude. i really need these breaks at least twice a month. the girls are in tel aviv with Oren (their father) and it's so wonderful not having to be responsible for them until they return to modiin tomorrow evening

i've got to get into the war-torn kitchen either in the next hour or tomorrow afternoon. since the lightbulb in the kitchen exploded into one million pieces, the base of the bulb was left in the socket. that used to happen all the time in our other apartment. it is a real pain the ass because the girls are scared to even go near the plugged up socket, let alone try to take out the remains of the old bulb. i have to remember to ask our upstairs neighbor to do the dirty deed for us. he's a very kind person and i'm sure that he'll do it for us. that way we can be a little more productive in the kitchen after sunset. light is needed, that's forsure.

today i'm up to nothing really. i'm so happy that i got that order late last night ! i was getting a bit depressed with no orders all week long. and now that i've completed the 60-day "newbie" program i don't get double or triple commission on orders, so i have to really start working my ass off to get orders in the first place. however, i am now part of the Fab Five program, which allows me to make more money on every order. it's a progressive kind of program: 1st order + $5, 2nd order + $10, 3rd order + $15, 4th order + $20, and so on. last week one guy got 18 orders, which is something like $855 in Fab Five bonuses!

i'm happy with my efforts in the past few days, making phone calls and getting past the paralyzing stage of cold-calling! i'm most definitely going to do more calling this coming week. the order that i got last night was a direct result of me being so brilliant and figuring out the email address of the particular contact person, and then getting it verified without sounding like a complete idiot ! yay for me !!

anyway, the girls are gone and i get to play all by myself without anyone on my mind. it's so good that they had such a wonderful time at the Lag BaOmer activities last night. they both stayed out until about 8am and then got up and got on a bus to tel aviv. yay, yay, yay !!

eating will be pretty good, with lots of mini-meals. i'll try my best to keep calories down since there is no exercise for me today and tomorrow. i hope that on sunday i won't feel like i did on the first day i was back at the gym . that would be a very big bummer.
i'll be back......
onward and upward !!

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Anonymous said...

Changing a broken lightbulb: The first thing to do is turn the power off to the fixture... after that, it is a matter of getting a grip on the broken bulb.

Do you have bayonet or screw fixtures? Screw is easier, just use some needle nose pliers (sometimes called snipe-nose) to grip the brass base, and unscrew. I have heard, but never tried, using a half potato or half apple to remove broken bayonet bulbs. Push the potato into the broken glass, push and twist at the same time.

BTW, I'm not sure why you have blow-outs, but have you tried using "rough service" bulbs. These are made with thicker glass and more robust filaments, are intended to resist breakage.

JohnC (from Dietwatch)