Thursday, May 15, 2008

of mosquitos and a good order

the hummingbird size mosquitos are out in full force this evening ! they are just vicious this year. i don't remember a time that it was this bad in the last 10 years. i have to keep putting on the roll-on repellant throughout the evening. i'm sure it's going to cause some kind of cancer one day !

on another note, i finally put through the order of the infamous Mr. Richard I. Brown, Attorney at Law. phew! what a relief. i thought forsure i was going to loose it because of all the system problems. Annette helped me so much that she deserves more than the 5% she'll get on that order !

i just now got off the phone with a very kind man, a realtor in Spokane, Washington. he was so happy that i had called about his recognition in the very special magazine which he obviously adores. i hope he places an order too.

gotta get back to work. i need to send out a minimum of 40 previews today to make up for yesterday's be-fumbled attempts.

onward and upward !!

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