Saturday, May 24, 2008

a day alone

i had a grand time last night all by myself. it was so nice not having to be responsible for the girls. when they are with Oren i completely loose myself and don't even think of the fact that i'm the mother of 5 kids ;-) !

i watched CSI New York until 5am and then finally passed out. i woke up today to the final minutes of the Lakers vs. San Antonio game and i was bummed out, to say the least. i'm not even sure who won, that's how out of it i was when i did wake up. i'll check online to see who won.

it's already 5:30pm and the day is almost over. the girls will be home in a few hours and we'll be back to usual, which is nice. they have a wedding to go to tomorrow and they were in Yafo buying clothes when i called. it's so hysterical that Oren wants Nina to wear a dress, heels and make-up. i almost laughed in his face, but stopped myself just in the nick of time. AS IF !!!! he was even trying to bribe her when i called, telling her that he'd buy her a whole new outfit that she does want if only she would wear a dress to the wedding. i didn't ask what was bought in the end. i'll wait till the girls get home because i don't want to hurt Oren's feelings.

i'm SO glad i'm not going to that wedding. those of you who know me, know why i'm so glad. those of you who don't know me that good yet, will figure it out one day. 'nuf said.

now i'm off into that kitchen which is like an animal testing laboratory right now. the heat makes it impossible to keep any kind of garbage more than a few hours inside the house and i think i'll need a mask just to wash the dishes. i just wish it weren't like this every summer. we do keep up with throwing out the garbage, but the heat just wants to beat us up every day !!

see you later :-)

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