Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a much better day

oh yeah, when things go well !

today has been nice and smooth from the get-go. went to the gym and did my thing. had a grand time in the pool. that is just the very best thing about Holmes Place. those two pools make life SO good.

now work is going smoothly and i'm getting previews out even on difficult leads. i don't much like it when i have to dig for information too much, or worse yet, call a company sounding like a complete idiot "who would i be able to talk with in your marketing department". but that's the job and i know that i'll eventually get used to the phone stuff.

the weather is absolutely wonderful... a bit hot during the day, but the late afternoon and evenings are such a pleasure with a nice breeze coming in from the very large window in the livingroom.

my butt is still sore from yesterday. i have no idea why certain parts of my body bother me at times. i guess it happens to everyone, right?

tomorrow is going to be a fun day... going out on my monthly errands with Mari: bank, clinic, post office, check casher, Home Center. i want to buy a new blender, a new hand-held mixer and a barber's shaving thingy. i need to have my hair buzzed off once again. i look like a scare-crow !!

i got the most retarded FaceBook message from Juan Carlos today. he is begging for me to kill him !!! he write three lines of gibberish and then just leaves it at that. i wrote him back and told him that i expect him to write more in the future. i'm not holding my breath though.

anyway... back to work now.

onward and upward !!

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