Tuesday, May 13, 2008

not feeling very well today

i don't have any idea what's up with me today. i have brain-fog, mixed with confusion, pressure on my forehead and brain-stem area. i feel like i'm on another planet altogether .

i'm really, really hoping that this is something related to the changing weather these past few days. i called Kaufman and he was be-fumbled by my present state. we had a good laugh, which is always good.

i'm dying to get to holmes place and start swimming, weight training and a bit on the treadmill. i hope i can really get some distance on the treadmill without falling flat on my fact. i mean, for christ's sake, i fall at home just going to the bathroom !

anyway.... i'm going to take a break from work and watch "Cashmere Mafia" and "Will & Grace"; i should feel a whole lot better after these two shows :-)

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