Friday, May 30, 2008

very, very tired today

it's friday and i'm absolutely exhausted. as if i had worked building a new building all week long. tired to the bone. i worked hard all week and worked out even harder. even going out yesterday on errands was done all out. i felt so good that i just pushed myself to the extreem. i only felt it in the late afternoon, when i couldn't even move, let alone work.

at least i got that last order yesterday morning :-) made my day. filled me up with lots of energy and i exaggerated yesterday with the outing. i really should learn from my mistakes one day.

i heard from Juan Carlos for the second day in a row. now THAT was a shock! he turned things right around on me and insisted that i tell him more about what's going on in my life, instead of having him tell me so much about his life.

it's strange because i had a strange dream about him last night. i guess the thoughts and feelings are always right under the surface at all times. now i wonder when he'll remember to write again.

i'm going to write a lot more tomorrow. i've been thinking of so many things all week long, but with work and everything else, i've just put writing off. i want to write more memories and more about my brothers :-) God i love them and miss them. it actually hurts when i think about them and how far i am from them.

my eye has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. i think i might have that silly infection again... but i don't have the energy to go to Dr. Haviv to get it checked. if i don't get it checked though, i'll get keep suffering from the dryness and iching *sigh*.

i'm off now to rest more and try not to start crying every few minutes from the exhaustion.

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