Monday, May 26, 2008

another day almost done

what a day! i'm surprised i just didn't stay in bed all day long and completely waste it. i'm kind of proud of myself.

i got up feeling very groggy. i somehow made my way to the gym and did my entire fitness plan at a very good level.

then i came home and passed out for a few hours. after that it took me hours to fully wake up again. i felt a bit of the brain-fog again, but not like it was a few weeks ago. i just don't understand what brings these bouts on. changes in the weather? some kind of other strange neurological thing happening?

i've gotten some follow-up emails ready for tomorrow. i really should have done some yesterday too, but complete laziness took over and all i did was watch tv until about 2am. maybe that's why i'm so out of it today.

the rest of the evening will involve more preparations for work tomorrow and watching some tv. i want to knit, but without that light in the kitchen it's very difficult at this hour to see the stiches correctly.

i also want to write more about Alberto, the post i started yesterday.

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