Friday, May 16, 2008

can't sleep again

i wonder how i'm going to deal with these late night rumblings when i start going to the gym. i am hoping that once i get into the different daily schedule i won't have so much trouble falling asleep at a normal-ish hour... at least by 2am!

i did so many mistakes with work today that i have no idea how Helen didn't just yell at me and throw me off the sales team. it was one thing after another, but completely inadvertantly. i ended up sending the same stupid preview to the same contact about 15 diferent times in the past three days. not a good thing.

i'm a bit disappointed that the kind realtor didn't immediately order a plaque. he was so nice and excited on the phone. maybe i'll send him a follow-up email tomorrow already, instead of waiting too long. i'll see how i feel when i get up later in the day (it's already 2:50am).

Tamar got her room all cleaned up and it looks wonderful. too bad we can't just freeze it in that clean condition and make it stay that way forever.

slowly. slowly we are getting the apartment in shape, one balata at a time. i really have to go through some things here in the living-room and start chucking things out that are not relevant any more.

i found some interesting websites today and i'm going to start checking them out as soon as i finish this post. so....... bye for now. good night world !

onward and upward !!

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