Saturday, May 31, 2008

finally feeling better

oh my god !! it's taken over 24 hours to recooperate from yesterday. i have no idea what happened to me. drove myself too much? the heat? it was the end of a long week? who knows? but at least i'm feeling A LOT better. now i feel like i can actually plan my future ;-)

tomorrow i'm going to have only smoothies all day long. i want to kind of purge my body from the strange things i've had yesterday and today. well *strange* as compared to what i've been doing for the past few weeks.

i want my three older kids to come home already. it's past their bed-time and they will never make it home in time from LA and London !! i miss them and want to sit around with them and laugh, make fun of them, and laugh some more. they, of coure, will make fun of me too, and we'll all just laugh more and more. it's so much fun. i miss them *sigh* (i have to use the new smilie that John gave me).

now i'm going to check the fridge to make sure i have enough fruit for tomorrow's intake of 4 or 5 smoothies. i just LOVE my new blender. so cool and handy.

more later..........

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