Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i am brain dead...

or at least that how i feel right now. i have no idea what the problem is but i'm sleeping good at night and then it takes my brain hours and hours to wake up !

needless to say, i didn't make it to the gym, once again. i am going to just set friday aside for this because i don't work on fridays. that way i know that i'll make it and it's the middle of the month, leaving me an entire two weeks in may to have fun with my work-outs.

i'm going to go have some green tea and hopefully wake up a bit before work starts in one hour.

oh, oh !! i had an order yesterday for 2 pieces. a really nice guy, Cory, called and left a voice message stating that he was interested in both a wall plaque and a desktop marquee. i promptly called him back, and of course, i couldn't answer the one question he had ! i really still have a lot to learn on this job. anyway, after being yelled at by Helen (my boss) i finally got the answer from Annette (my mentor) and then i just called Cory back up with the breakdown of the purchase. he promptly gave me his credit card into and i placed an order BY MYSELF !!
i then spun turbo and got double commission. i was really rooting for triple, but double is good too !
okay, now off to wake up.
onward and upward !!

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