Friday, May 30, 2008

two days without anti-crazy meds

and a crazy adriana is produced ! i just realized that i didn't take my viepax yesterday AND today. no wonder i feel like crying every two seconds. well, part of the insanity is the exhaustion, but the bigger part is the failure to take my meds properly.

oh god, some people on *shindler's list* are absolutely insane. that's what i call our local anglo community email list. about 1,200 local ango jews who, for the most part, don't even know how to use toilet paper correctly, let alone figure out this city after years of living here. some people are cool though, and i've been friends with some for years and years. i think i'm just in an impatient mood and don't feel like answering the same question that's been asked 400 times in the last week. for christ's sake people, take a look at the archives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end of rant.

Tamar finally fixed her room. finally. finally. i almost had a stroke, Nina was two minutes away from having a heart attack and Oren was yelling at all of us. why in the world do we keep calling him for help in these situations? he gets so frustrated with all of us and then just ends up yelling. i of course, don't listen to his yelling and am totally passive-agressive with him, which makes him even crazier :-) i dare him to walk in my shoes for one week. just one single week of his life, to live my life.

when i finally fell asleep this afternoon not two minutes passed when Nina woke me up and asked me about where to put the coffee... which container does it go in? she had worked so hard on the entire kitchen that i just mumbled something to her and tried my best to go back to sleep. right.

about 1/2 hour after that all hell broke loose with Tamar. then my brother, Alberto, called and he felt so bad about the whole situation that he wanted to talk with Tamar. i figured he really didn't need the aggrevation of trying to be nice and rational with a crazed 14-year-old. all of a sudden i yelled out to Tamar "i don't have any problem sending you to the emergency room today", and Alberto kind of rushed off the phone. i don't blame him. he had a teenaged daughter once, and now has five granddaughters he deals with on a daily basis (that's another post).

at least i'm much more rested and i'm thinking straight. the house is clean. so clean it kind of scares me. i'm afraid to touch anything in the kitchen. Nina was in there for 4 (!!!) hours. she did EVERYTHING !! God bless her soul.

time for the cashmere mafia....

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