Sunday, May 11, 2008

the mosquitos are eating us alive !

these pesky devils are absolutely vicious this year. the powers that be at City Hall still haven't gotten their act together to spray the city !!! we go through this torture every single year, but this year the mosquitoes seem to be especially dangerous.

i sat and completed the first part of my work-out program. upper-body weights, cardio and swimming plans. i'm getting so excited about re-joining Holmes Place (the good gym). i can hardly wait. but alas, i do have to wait until i meet with the manager and haggle with him about the price. (i'll be posting my upcoming work-outs when i have them all done.)

i did good this past week with work. i got out an average of 36 previews a day, 5 days this past week ! YAY. i also have a good client in-waiting who wants to order at least one plaque, if not two. the second one will be a custom order which will give me even more money :-)

later today i'm going to sit for hours and prepare a whole bunch of follow-up emails. they work. they get the job done. two of my orders this week came from being a nudnikit.

oh, i had a fantastic reflexology session with Tamar late saturday night. that little bat-zo'na is so strong !! she has hands of gold and i'm sure she'll make a great neuro-surgeon one day.

time to go swallow my "crazy" meds and have a good night's sleep. life continues to be full of many, many blessings.

onward and upward !

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